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How to Curate Your Jewelry Collection

Whether its your personal or cocktail jewelry it is always to keep them in order so you can grab and go at a moments notice. Here are my tips on how to quickly curate your jewelry.

  1. Separate jewelry by metallic type like gold, copper, silver, etc.
  2. Remove damaged cosmetic, outdated, unworn jewelry. Place jewelry that needs to be repaired in a bag to take to your jeweler for repairs.
  3. Clean all remaining jewelry thoroughly. Now is the time that you can accurately see what you have and don’t have. Make mental notes of items that you may want to add to your collection.
  4. Purchase/create a place to store your jewelry. Whether you choose to hang your jewelry on a canvas with decorative push pins or store them in a jewelry box. Make sure its orderly so that you can easily access the items you need without wrecking the entire collection. Check out some examples here.
  5. Display. Be sure to leave your most worn items for display in a tray or dish. For your everyday items purchase a nice tray like this to display your jewelry on to keep on your dresser, nightstand, bathroom counter, etc.

Enjoy Belle’s please be sure to share with me your new curated collection. Like what you see follow me on Instagram and Twitter.