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Closet Raid- Essential Steps to a Wardrobe Clean Out

The purge is inevitable. You slowly run out of space in your closet yet you still have nothing to wear. Here are some quick tips to get your closet back in check by doing a summer clean out. Start by tossing out all of the following:

  1. Items you haven’t worn in a year. You cannot wear what you cannot see in your closet. The first step is to get rid of clothes that you haven’t worn in ages. No buts about it.
  2. Garments and shoes that do not fit. This is pretty self explanatory but we all have items that we are holding on to for sentimental reasons. Take a pic and move on.
  3. Pieces that you don’t feel amazing in. Your style is a representation of you. What is the point of wearing something that you do not feel your best in?
  4. Stained, holey, or torn clothes that are not meant to be stained, holey, or torn. If these items haven’t made it to your tailor or cleaners by now for repair chances are they never will.
  5. Bridesmaid dresses. Out of all of the weddings that I have been in I have only worn one of the gowns again. The truth is you probably will not wear them again either. So keep it moving and ditch them.
  6. Items that do not go with anything in your closet. That random blouse, or pair of shoes. Whats the point of letting these garments take up space if you can’t even wear them?

Not sure what to do with all of your purged  pieces? You have a few options.  Sell them on ebay or you can order a clean out kit from ThredUp. If you register on ThredUp  you can request a clean out kit where you can add all your purged items that ThredUp will sell (for consignment) or donate. You can even send your garments to them for free! Another option is to donate your garments to a local church or charity like the Goodwill or the Salvation Army.

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