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Closet Raid- 3 Chic Storage Essentials for Your Wardrobe

Hanging Jewelry Frame– via Etsy

Sometimes a jewelry box just doesn’t cut it. I love the hanging jewelry frames because it  is easy to access your every day go to pieces when you are in a hurry.


Shoe Cabinet– via Ikea

What I love about this shoe cabinet is it is small and perfect for storing your off season shoes.  This cabinet removes the clutter on your closet floor and keeps your shoes neat and out of sight. You can also get two of these and side by side for a more cohesive dresser look.

Closet Drawers/Shelves– via Target– Socks, undergarments, sweaters and Tshirts should be folded/rolled and placed in drawers. Everything else should be hung in your closet. These stackable drawers from Target are a perfect way to store your items in your closet.

What about you? What storage devices do you use to keep your wardrobe in check?

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