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Closet Raid- Must Have Wardrobe Apps


1. Snups Android and iOS– $0 

This app organizes EVERYTHING! From your closet, a packing list, or anything you want to sell on eBay. The format is a bit different then Pureple, the pics you add are stored on personalized shelves. You also have the option to share with friends or to keep your shelves private.


2. Pureple– $0 

The number one app on iOS you get a good amount for free. Pureple allows you to organize your makeup and apparel. It also allows you to build and share your outfits. Taking it a step forward you can also add them to your calendar so you know what you are wearing when. Pureple also gives you multiple ways to make updates to your wardrobe. You can add photos on your camera phone, webpage, or from your photo library.

  1. Style Book $4

For the ultimate closet management experience Style Book is the answer hands down. Style Book allows you not only have a virtual version of your wardrobe but it also lets you to build your looks from them, plan and track them on a calendar. The app also features an area where you can create a wishlist, purchase clothes from retailers. They also track what you wear the least and the most even down to the colors in your closet. So what about you? Do you already use a closet app? If so which one?

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