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Closet Raid- 5 Tips to Maximize a Small Closet

Living in a large city like Chicago closet space is limited. Especially in apartments and condos. Here are some easy tips to help maximize a small closet.

1. Replace all of your hangers with Velvet Hangers.

You will save a ton of room if you replace all of your hangers with velvet hangers.  Stock up on these in one solid color to maintain a uniform look.

Bonus Tip- Also purchase these hangers for scarfs and belts.

2. Store your handbags in a Park-a-Purse.

These will also keep your clutches organized and confined in one area so that they are not taking up room.

3. Add a second Closet Rod

Place your skirts, pants, and shorts on the second row which will give you  more room on the first level.

4. Use a Over the Shoe Door Organizer

Not only will this keep your shoes organized but it will also remove the clutter from your closet floor.

5. Hang Cedar Blocks

Hanging these throughout your closet will prolong the life of your clothing. The protects your garments from mildew, insects like moths, and provides a fresh aroma. You can add them in garment bags, drawers, and storage containers.

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