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Closet Raid- How to Remix your Wardrobe

  1. Organize closet into sections by color. To see what you really have in your wardrobe make sure that your closet is separated by shirts, blazers/jackets, pants, dresses. This will allow you to mix clothes that you wouldn’t have otherwise remembered you even had. Make sure to go organize them from light to dark as well.
  2. Combine your high and low garments. There is nothing wrong with adding some flare with a moto jacket and a designer dress. Go against the “style rules.
  3. Opposites attract. Color block with colors on the opposite spectrum. Add some sneakers with the maxi dress. Opposites can actually compliment other pieces in your wardrobe.
  4. Bling it out. Adding a statement necklace is one sure way to remix a look. Try adding a tribal or colorful accessory.
  5. Tailor it. Shorten up the length of that dress,  cut those old worn jeans into shorts. Or  have the hem taken out of pants so you can wear your highest heels. This gives you an opportunity to wear these clothes in a different season with other items in your wardrobe.

Do you ever remix your wardrobe?

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