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Winter Rituals: Cabin Fever Survival 101


Cabin Fever Rituals

Despite what part of the country you are in sometimes we all get hit with some crazy weather. Which unfortunately forces us to stay indoors for a while. So I just noted a few things that keep me sane during those cabin fever moments. First, I can’t live without my iPad hands down my tablet is a must for reading, writing, web surfing, etc. Second in line is a glass of my favorite wine and candles lit to insure a tranquil vibe. Despite what winter storm is behind the other side of my door this sets the tone in my home.

Every now and then I will break out a record. Yeah I said it, a record and lean back to anything from The Stylistics to Jimi Hendrix so my headphones must be on deck. To stay warm a nice faux fur throw and luxe sweater is always good to have nearby. Especially when temps climb into the negatives in the Chi.

Of course a Belle can never go wrong with taking this time to do a little pampering. Painting my nails or toes with this nautical deep blue lacquer is a must color for the winter. Moisturizing is also a major key so to refresh my lips I always use a lip scrub at least once a week. So these are a few of my cabin fever rituals. How about you? What do you do to survive cabin fever during this time of year?

Cabin Fever Rituals by uptownbelle featuring a luigi bormioli stemware

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