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Top 5 Pieces For Your Next Trip!


 Every time I leave town I always have to pack my life away but only end up wearing just a few items. Just returning from a trip I realized that I only really needed to pack these main pieces. With spring around the corner be sure to keep these 5 peices in your bag. You won’t regret it and will be ready for anything.

   A blazer is perfect regardless of weather you can dress it up or down from a dress to a pair of shorts and the same goes with a pair of jeans and the romper. Every Belle needs a hot pair of pumps to go with any outfit you pack. Any metallic pump will get the job done. A good size handbag comes in handy for carry on items especially if your flight, train, or bus is delayed. It will leave you with plenty of room for your chargers, magazines, laptop, or snacks. Happy travels Belles!

Travel Attire 2012 by uptownbelle featuring floral rompers