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3 Reasons Why I Love Asa (Asha)!

Nigerian soul singer Asa (pronounced Asha) is back with another album! Beautiful Imperfection is Asa’s third LP and is available to purchase on iTunes.  She is a great artist and these are the top reasons why I love her and her music!

1. Original

Her voice, music, and lyrics are original and creative. I have never heard a voice like hers delivered with such raw lyrics. Unlike what we often hear on the radio today she has a strong message to send. Checkout her songs “Jailer” and “Fire on the Mountain” from her first album titled Asa

2. Multi Talented

Asa is not only a singer but also a songwriter and guitarist. Many artists today may not even be able to do one well but she has mastered all three beautifully which comes across in her music.

3. Stays True

Whether her lyrics are light or heavy she stays true to her style and culture. She does not try to cross trends. Which allows her to still connect with her core audience.

Checkout her first single “Be My Man” from her latest album Beautiful Imperfection below. Hope she tours the U.S. soon! Let me know what you think about her music Belles.